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Publications are arranged alphabetically by first author.

Assessing the near surface sensitivity of SCIAMACHY atmospheric CO2 retrieved using (FSI) WFM-DOAS

Space-based near-infrared CO2 measurements: Testing the Orbiting Carbon Observatory retrieval algorithm and validation concept using SCIAMACHY observations over Park Falls, Wisconsin

Atmospheric carbon gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY by WFM-DOAS: improved global CO and CH4 and initial verification of CO2 over Park Falls

Reducing the impact of source brightness fluctuations on spectra obtained by FTS

2009 OSA FTS Citable 3-page paper
2009 OSA FTS Presentation

Seasonal and latitudinal variations of column averaged volume-mixing ratios of atmospheric CO2

Carbon dioxide column abundances at the Wisconsin Tall Tower site
Tropospheric methane retrieved from ground-based near-IR solar absorption spectra

Tropospheric CO2 retrieved from ground-based near-IR solar spectra
Ground-based photon path measurements from solar absorption spectra of the O2 A-band
New constraints on Northern Hemisphere growing season net flux


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